Inkers and Thinkers Symposium Programme

Day One: Academic Conference, 15th May 2015

9 am: Conference Opens and Commencement Speech

9. 20 am: Mike Cooper, In Search of the Alternative Superhero

9. 40 am: Claire Langsford, Peter Parker to Glad-Wrap Spider-Man: Recreating Transforming Bodies in Cosplay Practice

10 am: Questions and Discussion

10. 30am: Morning Tea

11 am: Enrique del Rey Cabero, Alternatives and Challenges to the Discourse and Format of Comics in the Last 10 Years

11. 20 am: Can Yalcinkaya, Queer Lines from Straight Guys: Turkish Comics with LGBTQ Themes

11. 40 am: Liam Burke, Alternative Ireland: How the Emergence of a Local Comic Book Industry Challenged Traditional Depictions of Ireland in Comics

12 pm: Questions and Discussion

12. 30 pm: Lunch Break

1. 30 pm: Anthony Castle, Millennial Prophecies and Alternate Realities: Webcomics 15 Years After Scott McCloud’s Reinventing Comics

1. 50 pm: Ben Juers, Peripheral Vision in Comics

2. 10 pm: Ronnie Scott, Art in Space

2.30 pm: Questions and Discussion

3 pm: Afternoon Tea

3. 30 pm: Keynote Speech by Pat Grant

4. 30 pm: Questions and Discussion

5 pm: Official Closing of Conference


Day Two: Creative Workshops, 16th May 2015

10 am: Opening of Workshops

10. 20 pm: Pat Grant, Critical Thinking and the Artistic Process

11. 50 pm: Lunch Break

12. 50 pm: Anthony Castle and Chadwick Ashby, Visualising Storytelling and Artistic Collaboration

2. 10 pm: Afternoon Break One

2. 30 pm: Owen Heitmann and Georgina Chadderton, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Drawing Inspiration by Re-Contextualising Newspaper Comic Strip Panels

4 pm: Afternoon Break Two

4. 20 pm: Claire Richards, 3D Anaglyphs in Comics

6 pm: Official Closing of Workshops

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