Introducing Inkers and Thinkers 2015 Conference Presenter Mike Cooper


Dr Mike Cooper is a life-long superhero-lover, having picked up his first Marvel comic in the 1970’s.

This probably contributed to his decision to study physics, which lead to a PhD in climate science in his native Scotland. He has since drifted into a lengthy career as a games programmer in Adelaide.

In 2002 he assumed the name Dr Mike 2000 to produce some critically acclaimed story-driven games mods in his spare time, such as The Strangers, Tales of the Navigator and The Amazanauts. In the past couple of years he’s turned his attention back to his first love – comics, and is now writer/artist of the psychedelic sci-fi webcomic Universe Gun.

He’s active in the Adelaide indie comics scene, and has even had a strip published in the Indie Comics Quarterly.

Mike lives in Adelaide with his girlfriend and a house full of cats.



Facebook: DrMike2000


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