Introducing Inkers and Thinkers 2015 Workshop Presenters Georgina Chadderton and Owen Heitmann

Georgina Chadderton and Owen Heitmann are the two organisers of Comics with Friends and Strangers, a comics drawing night that they have held monthly at Tooth and Nail Gallery since June 2013.

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Georgina has had her comics published in several US anthologies, self-published zines, university magazines and an issue of Voiceworks. News Limited’s The City magazine ran a cover story interviewing her about her comics work in 2014, and that year she appeared at the Emerging Writers’ Festival and National Young Writers’ Festival. In addition to Comics with Friends and Strangers, she has run a comics workshop for children at the SA Writers’ Centre, and she has additional teaching experience as a percussion tutor.


Owen’s first major work was a 48 page comic published with the aid of a grant from the South Australian Youth Arts Board. His comics have appeared in more than a dozen comics anthologies and literary magazines nationally, in the US and in Canada. He has also self-published zines and created hundreds of comics for the web. In 2014, he appeared at the Emerging Writers’ Festival in Adelaide and National Young Writers’ Festival in Newcastle. He has written about comics for the Weekend Australian, The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald, and wrote the foreword for Milk Shadow Books’ Da ‘n’ Dill: The Showbag Years.

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