Introducing 2015 Inkers and Thinkers Conference Presenter Claire Langsford

Claire Langsford

Claire is a doctoral candidate in Anthropology at the University of Adelaide. Her thesis, Recreation and Creativity:  Cosplay in Australia explores assemblage and negotiation in a material and performative practice. Her fieldwork was conducted among cosplayers at Australian popular culture conventions, competitions and online on social media sites, blogs and forums.

Throughout the course of her fieldwork Claire became a cosplayer herself, making over twenty costumes, performing with other cosplayers and competing in competitions. Claire continues to cosplay regularly at South Australian events and perform with cosplay choir, the Con Artists.

Claire has presented her research findings at Monash University’s Manga Symposium and at the ASAANZ/AAS 2014 combined conference. She is a contributor to the forthcoming book Manga Vision, a collection exploring diverse cultural practices associated with Japanese manga, to be published Monash University.

Her current research interests include digital and material cultures, performance and embodiment. Current projects are particularly focused on exploring how texts – visual designs, narratives and character – are reinterpreted in material, digital and performance practices.

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