Introducing Inkers and Thinkers 2015 Conference Presenter Enrique del Rey Cabero


Enrique del Rey Cabero has loved comics and literature since he was a child. He studied Spanish and English Filología (Literature and Linguistics) at the University of Salamanca and later completed a Masters Degree in Spanish as a foreign language (UIMP) and Masters Degree in Literary Research (UNED). He is currently enrolled in a PhD program (Universidad de Granada) exploring the traditional reading protocols and formats of graphic narratives and their fragmentation. Enrique has been working as a Spanish lecturer in La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia) since 2012. He has done some research on Comics, Spanish tebeos, Spanish as a Foreign Language, Hispanic Literature and the relationships between Music and Literature, particularly on collective memory of the Spanish Civil War, comics in language teaching, contemporary Spanish comics and the work of Gerardo Diego and Gonzalo Rojas. Last year he attended and gave papers at Inkers and Thinkers and Comics Forum (Leeds). He is also a news correspondent for Comics Forum.

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