Introducing Inkers and Thinkers 2015 Conference Presenter Anthony Castle

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Anthony N. Castle is an author who has penned comic books and prose, and also storyboarded picture books. He co-wrote the indie feature film Justice Squad, a mockumentary about dysfunctional superheroes, but his first love is writing comic books. He is the writer of the comic anthology Dead Ends: Fables of Loss and Mortality, created in collaboration with artist Chadwick Ashby.

Anthony is the managing editor of the and also writes about the sequential art medium for As a communicator he has presented on panels at Oz Comic-Con and Continuum, and facilitated creative writing seminars.

Anthony lives with his wife in Adelaide, Australia and works as a copywriter and a journalist for a non-profit organisation. His first job involved medical experimentation and eating radioactive hamburgers for money.


Twitter: A_N_Castle


Facebook: anthony.n.castle


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