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At Inkers and Thinkers 2014 Can Yalcinkaya presented a paper on his involvement with the comics anthology #ResistComics. The recording of Can’s speech will be released soon, detailing much of the background of the project and the wave of protest in Turkey in the Summer of 2013. In the meantime the Kickstarter to help fund the printing of the book and payment of the artists is now live.

#ResistComics will be a 96 page publication of comics, illustrations, a short story and an article on comics and politics. The anthology collects stories based on experiences of the Gezi protest by writers and artists from Turkey and around the world. A particularly interesting story focuses on the plight of street animals during the Gezi resistance. The page explains the Gezi resistance and its crossover to art:

“Gezi was about reclaiming public spaces across Turkey. With art and with political action. Art was an important part of the Gezi Resistance, because cities aren’t just physical spaces. They are not just buildings and roads, streets and parks. Cities are imaginary places, or places of imagination, too. The meaning of cities emerge in thought, in songs, in novels and poems, in art and of course in comics. #ResistComics is our little effort to reclaim our cities in the imagination. “

As always backers have access to some great rewards including posters, original artwork, and a script workshop. With 15 days left the project is almost at it’s goal of $5,000 and further stretch goals will be announced if they pass that amount. It is great to see a project discussed at Inkers and Thinkers now well on the way to becoming a reality.

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